Facebook Gaming now lets you create your own online tournaments

Set up your own round robin, single- or double-elimination tourneys with Facebook Gaming's new feature

Running tournaments can be tricky business, and it gets increasingly complex as you add participants. Handling all the confounded paperwork means less time practicing for the event itself – which is why Facebook Gaming’s new tournaments feature could be a breath of fresh air for would-be organisers.

As our sister site The Loadout highlights, Facebook Gaming has rolled out a new tournaments feature that handles all the complicated stuff involved in running multi-participant competitions. That includes event organisation, participant registration, seeding, and tracking competition throughout the event.

The feature is in early access at the moment, but it’s already pretty versatile. If you head to Facebook’s tournaments page, you can create your own event and tournament, and manage any you’ve already set up. When you tap ‘Create Tournament,’ you’re given options that control the maximum number of participants, dates and times, and the format for the competition. For the moment, you can choose from round robin, single elimination, double elimination, and free for all, and the tournaments can be played by individuals or teams.

The page also shows you a list of suggested tournaments to join, as well as tournaments that are currently running that you might want to watch.

All in all, it’s a pretty handy tool if you’re interested in organised competition, and as The Loadout notes, it’s a feature that none of the other big streaming platforms has right now. And with travel and large gatherings out of the picture for most players right now, Facebook’s tournaments feature might serve as a handy stand-in for in-person participation.