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Fall Guys Star Trek crossover adds Worf, Uhura, and Spock beans

A Fall Guys Star Trek crossover kicks off today, with new Worf, Uhura, and Spock costumes available as part of the Final Frontier event that starts October 6

Fall Guys Star Trek crossover: Fall Guys beans dressed as Uhura and Worf pose on the bridge of a Fall Guys Enterprise

A Fall Guys Star Trek special kicks off today with the Final Frontier event, which adds new official costumes of classic Trek characters to the chaotic multiplayer game. The event, which runs October 6 – 10, adds the original series’ Uhura and The Next Generation’s Worf to the shop, as well as a bean version of Spock for season pass owners.

In Fall Guys bean form, Nyota Uhura wears her classic red dress uniform, complete with communicator and earrings. The Worf bean is decked out in traditional Klingon warrior’s garb, featuring a stern pair of eyebrows and Michael Dorn’s dramatic goatee.

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Spock, meanwhile, has the half-Vulcan science officer’s elfin ears, as well as Leonard Nimoy’s unmistakable eyebrows and no-nonsense haircut.

The Fall Guys Star Trek event also includes a Borg mask with ocular implant, a U.S.S. Enterprise backpack (the original NCC-1701), and a ‘Beam Me Up’ celebration emote.

The Star Trek celebration items are available now in the Fall Guys store. For more science fiction, check out our collection of the best space games you can play on PC.