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Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel location and how to join

Here’s how to find the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4, as well as some tips on what to do to join the power armor-wearing faction.

Fallout 4 Brotherhood of Steel: A close up of Paladin Danse wearing his Power Armor outside Cambridge Police Station.

Where do you find the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4? You’ll need to venture a little ways south from Sanctuary, battling raiders and synths in order to win over a new ally. There are plenty of benefits for finding the Brotherhood of Steel early, including a super-powerful laser weapon, and the start of a quest line that leads to you getting a very good set of power armor indeed.

There are a tonne of Fallout 4 quests to complete as you journey through the irradiated wastelands of The Commonwealth. To find the Brotherhood of Steel, you’ll need to head to a specific location, and intercept a distress signal. It’s emergent elements like this that make this open world game a real gem of the genre. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4, as well as some info on joining them.

The First Steps quest highlighted in the PIP-Boy

How to find the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4

To find the Brotherhood of Steel, you will first need to find Cambridge Police Station. The best way to do this, unless you just want to head to the location shown on the map further down this page, is to start ‘The First Step’ quest. You can pick this up with Preston Garvey at Sanctuary, shortly after rescuing the Minutemen at the start of the game. He will send you to a farm called Tenpines Bluff.

The Corvega Assembly Plant highlighted in the Pip-Boy’s Map menu.

Speak to the woman there to pick up a new objective, which will point you toward the Corvega Assembly Plant. Now, this area is absolutely packed with raiders and Ghouls. You can clear them out if you’d like, though it isn’t necessary at this point. Instead, loop around the main building, heading to its south side.

As you reach the southern edge of the Corvega Assembly Plant, hopefully unscathed, you just need to keep walking south/southeast until you pick up a radio frequency (Military Frequency AF95). You’ll know you’ve hit the right area, because a new mission will pop up called ‘Fire Support’. This will then mark the Cambridge Police Station on your map. Simply head there to find a group of ghouls attacking the building, and the Brotherhood of Steel members inside.

The Cambridge Police Station marked on the Pip-Boy’s map section.

Be careful here, as there are a lot of ghouls to take down. Molotovs work well as you approach the police station, though do watch out for mines that litter the route forward. Once you get to the station, just hang back, behind the character in the power armor, and help as best you can. Eventually, Paladin Danse will introduce himself, before asking for your help with an urgent matter.

The player aims a pipe pistol in first person at Cambridge Police Station. Paladin Danse stands in Power Armor to the left of it.

How to join the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 4

Once you’ve answered the distress signal and helped Danse and company fend off the onslaught of ghouls, he’ll have a proposition for you. He aims to contact the Brotherhood of Steel, to alert them of a rising threat in the Commonwealth. The issue is that the radio transmitter on the roof of the police station needs its range extended, so it’s off to ArcJet Systems for a part. Accept the ‘Call to Arms’ mission and follow Danse over to ArcJet Systems.

The player stands wearing green fatigues and a hood, facing a blue and orange building. ‘ArcJet Systems’ is written on the sign at the top of the building.

Once inside, you’ll need to follow Paladin Danse down into the bowels of the building, fighting off synths as you go. Eventually, you’ll claim the Deep Range Transmitter part, and can accompany Danse back to Cambridge Police Station. Speak to him, and he’ll finally offer you the chance to join the Brotherhood of Steel.

You’ll start the ‘Semper Invictus’ questline, receive the Righteous Authority laser rifle, and get a decent chunk of XP. If you want to meet the rest of the Brotherhood of Steel, you’ll need to wait until they arrive in the Commonwealth, a fair way into the main story.

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