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Fallout 4 mod aims to remove Creation Club news

fallout 4 creation club removal mod

You might call the response to the Fallout 4 Creation Club mixed, if you were feeling generous. Otherwise, you’d likely say it’s been incredibly negative, as fans have been taking serious issue with Bethesda’s latest attempt to sell piecemeal content. Now, a new mod is aiming to make the Creation Club’s existence a little less apparent.

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The mod simply removes the Creation Club news ticker from the upper right corner of the main menu, allowing you to easily ignore the latest news on purchasable content, and the 100 free credits you still haven’t claimed. The menu option to browse the club is still there, you just won’t have the giant news notification any more.

As PC Gamer have noted, the mod has proven a popular one, racking up nearly 10,000 downloads on the Nexus since its release last month, and becoming the second most voted for addition in the past 30 days.

Bethesda continue to insist that Creation Club content should be considered neither paid mods nor mini-DLC, but whatever it is it sure seems like the community aren’t into it. It’s been especially rankling when Fallout 4 has downloaded sizable updates containing unpurchased content directly to unwitting players’ hard drives.