Fallout 4 modder wants to put Doom on your Pip-Boy

Fallout 4

So much for the supposed death of the handheld console. Fallout 4 has embraced a fine tradition of games within games. Just as Pong was playable via System Shock’s Visual Display Unit, Bethesda have made the Pip-Boy 3000 a platform for riffs on the likes of Missile Command and Space Invaders. Now one modder’s looking to expand that catalogue with a version of Doom.

Here’s everything we know about the new Doom, mods and all.

The mod’s first release will replace Red Menace on your Pip-Boy, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for your knock-off Donkey Kong kicks.

“This is my first mod,” says no1dead. “It is not done yet so I’ll keep this up till its finished.”

Clearly there’s a long way to go – but it’s the sort of mod that surely must happen, one way or another.

Putting Doom in other things is a noble ambition with its own history. There was a secret Wolfenstein level in Doom 2, and MachineGames returned the favour by including a version of Doom in The New Order. And in the ultimate IDception, it’s lately become possible to play Doom in Doom.

Can you see yourself whiling away the wee hours in your settlement blasting imps away? In the meantime, here are theFallout 4 modsout there in the wasteland already.