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The Fallout Legacy Collection will only be available in the UK and Germany

A new bundle of pretty much all Fallout games is coming, but it'll only be available in two countries.

October 5, 2019 The Fallout Legacy Collection is confirmed, but only for the UK and Germany.

The Fallout series has come a long way since the first title was released way back in 1997. In recent years we’ve had the post-apocalyptic, West Virginian wasteland of Fallout 76 to take on with our pals, and Fallout 4’s Commonwealth to conquer (and mod), but the earlier games are also full of adventure. If you’re tempted to take them on, it looks like you might soon get the chance to grab almost all of them in one go – a new bundle of Fallout games has been confirmed by Bethesda, but only for two countries.

The bundle, called the Fallout Legacy Collection, contains six major Fallout games for PC: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition, Fallout 3 New Vegas Ultimate Edition, and Fallout 4 Game of the Year edition. The Game of the Year editions of Fallout 3 and 4 and the New Vegas Ultimate version come with all of their respective DLC content, so it’s a pretty meaty collection. It doesn’t include Fallout 76, however.

The collection was leaked on Amazon Germany, which priced it at €39,99 (around £36 or $44) – which seems like a pretty good deal for six classic games. It has now been confirmed by Bethesda as having a release date of October 25, but here’s the catch – it’s only available in the UK and Germany.

While the tweet from Bethesda UK (below) says all this, when asked directly if the collection would be made available worldwide the account confirmed, “Fallout Legacy will release in UK and Germany only.” That’s certainly a shame, as it’s a ridiculously generous package – Fallout 4’s Game of the Year edition is $59.99/€59.99/£39.99 on Steam right now, which is more expensive than this entire collection.

Ignoring Fallout 76, there are some titles from Fallout’s history that aren’t listed as part of the bundle. Platformer, and Dweller manager, Fallout Shelter isn’t included but it’s free to play right now on Steam. There’s also a sequel to it called Fallout Shelter Online with expanded gameplay elements, like PvP and PvE, but it looks like it’s exclusive to China.

There was also a 2004 title called Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel that’s not in the collection, but it was only released on consoles, so it’s perhaps not surprising that it hasn’t been included in the Legacy collection for PC. Nevertheless, it’s still an incredible deal – if you live in the UK and Germany and don’t own most of these games already, of course.