New Fallout 4 mod adds 17,500 voice lines, a faction, and a new ending

This Fallout 4 mod expands the base game with a new ending, faction, companion, a bigger Diamond City, and new dialogue in the Bethesda RPG game.

New Fallout 4 mod adds 17,500 voice lines, faction, and a new ending

Not every Fallout 4 mod is created equal, and this new project channels the often-attempted “DLC-sized expansion with new voice acting” angle and seems to absolutely nail it, with new quests, characters, and even a new ending to the base game as well. If you want an excuse to dive back into Fallout 4, one of Bethesda’s best RPG games, this is an excellent excuse.

Called “The Fens Sheriff’s Department,” this Fallout 4 mod is a sequel to a mod from 2019 that added an entire district to Diamond City below the bleachers. It has 50 quests, over 17,500 new voice lines, 15 unique NPCs, new Diamond City locations, and even a brand-new ending for the base game.

The Bleachers now have two residential districts, a commercial district, two restaurants, and The Fens Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s department replaces the Diamond City guards with a paramilitary group that acts as an extension to the game’s main factions.

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There are four stories in the Fallout 4 mod, including one based on the Bleachers (which is the original 2019 mod built in), Fens Sheriff’s Department main story, a companion story, and the “Diamond City Wins story,” and there’s even new weapons, paint jobs for power armour, new workshop items, and even more to play around with.

So, while this isn’t a standalone mod like the upcoming Fallout 4 London mod, it’s definitely still colossal in size despite working alongside the base game from Bethesda.

You’ll also want to check on all the instructions when downloading the Fallout 4 mod, as there’s a fair bit to be sure of compatibility-wise when setting it up. The Fallout 4 protagonist does go unvoiced for this mod, but it’s noted that this means the Fallout 4 mod doesn’t need to piece together already recorded lines and instead write something truly original.

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