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Fallout 4 mod transforms the main quest with iconic new faction

This new Fallout 4 mod integrates the Enclave as a faction into the Bethesda main quest, alongside loads of extras for returning players.

Fallout 4 Enclave quest: a person with a laser gatling gun in futuristic power armor firing the weapon outside

One of the biggest and most downloaded Fallout 4 mods has just had a remake released, and it integrates the Enclave into the Bethesda RPG’s main questline. With loads of new fully voice-acted quests, NPCs, items, equipment, and ways to naturally fit the iconic faction into the Commonwealth, this remake follows an F4 mod with hundreds of thousands of downloads.

America Rising 2 – Legacy of the Enclave is a remake of a 2017 Fallout 4 mod from Thomas ‘Otellino’ Mitchell and an entire team of modders that adds the titular faction throughout the base game, integrating them into the Fallout 4 main quest, and making them feel like they could have existed there since the very beginning.

You can choose to help or destroy the Enclave, Fallout 3 style, in the mod for the RPG game. There are loads of voiced quests, a new companion, new random encounter possibilities, new equipment and settlement decorations, and even some new locations and world spaces built into The Commonwealth, too.

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While America Rising 2 has just been released, the original version of this mod from 2017 amassed over 950,000 downloads across all the platforms. Originally intended as a 2.0 update, Mitchell changed the scope after realizing they were making many fundamental changes. The original release was side-content you could play at any time, but this new release is very different.

“It’s split into a three-act structure and follows along with the Fallout 4 main quest,” Mitchell wrote in 2019. “You’ll help them with their goals, and they’ll help you – to progress in the Enclave’s questline, you’ll need to progress in Fallout 4’s questline. And yes – the Enclave will help you get into the Institute, too.”

You can side with or destroy the Enclave with the help of other factions in the Fallout 4 mod too, as Mitchell says, “What good’s a bad guy if you can’t get rid of ’em? If you make them hostile (be it by completing the game with another faction, disagreeing a little too much with the leadership, or simply shooting them in the face) you’ll be locked out of the Enclave, and they’ll fire at you on sight.”

Fallout 4 mod Enclave quest: a man looking out over the ocean, as five futuristic aircraft fly toward them

Fallout 4 America Rising 2 features

I’ve put together all the listed features for America Rising 2 below, and you can learn about compatibilities and download the mod for yourself here.

  • A 24-quest main storyline seamlessly integrated into Fallout 4 with meaningful player choice
  • Help build the Enclave – or destroy them
  • An evolving base that restores as you progress through the game
  • Over 8,000 lines of fully voice-acted dialogue by a cast of 25 voice actors
  • A large cast of unique characters
  • One main companion and two additional followers
  • Multiple new random encounters
  • New Enclave equipment, settlement decorations, and skins
  • Multiple new locations and world spaces
  • An Enclave Radio station with music and announcements
  • An Enclave Pip-Boy skin
  • Repeatable quests

Mitchell has even worked on Everywhere, the upcoming PC game helmed by former GTA lead Leslie Benzies while making a load of Fallout and Skyrim mods on the side – so you just know America Rising 2 is in good hands. It’s not just Mitchell though, as the mod credits list eight developers, 12 testers, and almost 40 voice performers.

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