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Fallout 4 mod gives its core leveling systems a much needed upgrade

This Fallout 4 mod completely overhauls and expands the perks, skills, and traits in Bethesda's RPG, perfect if you're revisiting right now.

Fallout 4 mod perk skill trait: FO4 power armor

With the Amazon Fallout show spiking the entire series player numbers on Steam, now’s the perfect time to check out some new Fallout 4 mods. Luckily for us then, one dedicated modder has just overhauled their previous work on perks, skills, and traits, making them feel more like the classic games while cutting out some of the more useless perks none of us want to spend our precious points on.

With around 50 new perks, 14 new traits, 12 new skills, and lots of changes to the vanilla perks from Bethesda’s game, the ‘FishFiend’ Fallout 4 mod that overhauls the perk system and progression is perfect for new players coming to The Commonwealth after Amazon’s show, or any of us deciding to dive back in. This RPG game mod is a rework of FishFiend’s 2020 Hot Diggity project, making Fallout 4’s progression bigger and better than ever.

FishFiend says the mod’s goal is to “improve replayability by slowing each character’s gradual transition into a jack of all trades,” and “include niche perks that allow each character to feel more distinct.”

On top of the around 50 new perks, new perk requirements will encourage you to play in different ways, with many vanilla perks getting an overhaul. FishFiend references how no one wants to use a perk point on things like 20% more damage with pistols, with these types of perks reworked from the base game.

Fallout 4 mod perk skill trait overhaul: a menu screen of stats and perks from Fallout 4

The traits system in the mod aims to return to the one used in Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas, with each offering a trade-off in how they work. For example, the Berserker trait gives you 20% extra damage and move speed with a melee weapon, but incoming damage is up 25% as well.

With the Fallout 4 next gen patch dropping next week it looks like almost every mod for the game could break, so if you install this before then I’d just be careful once Bethesda’s visual enhancements roll around.

You’ll find FishFiend’s Fallout 4 perk overhaul mod right here; just keep in mind there are a couple of other mods you need to install first, and you need to have the Nuka World and Far Harbor DLCs installed.

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