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Fallout 4 mod adds in the whole New Vegas map and assets

You can now explore the entire New Vegas map within a Fallout 4 mod, as if you own both games you can mod in a way to port assets over to the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 New Vegas map: a skyline with a giant dinosaur sign in front of it

The Fallout series is no stranger to mods that turn the Bethesda RPG games into entirely new experiences, and I’m seriously impressed with what modders continue to do to Fallout 4. This trend continues even in 2023, as if you own both games you can now port the entire New Vegas map into the Commonwealth, and it looks stunning.

This is not Fallout 4 New Vegas, which is a separate project aiming to remake NV in the Fallout 4 engine from Bethesda, but it’s still incredibly cool. It’s a script and mod from ‘bololo11’ that lets you port Fallout 3 and New Vegas assets (but you need to own the games and have them downloaded) into Fallout 4, and there’s even a script that ports all of the Mojave into the Commonwealth. This is one impressive Fallout 4 mod.

This isn’t like playing New Vegas completely inside Fallout 4 though, as it still doesn’t have NPCs, weapons and armor can’t be equipped, and there are no quests or scripts. It’s still impressive though, and lets you walk around what amounts to a Mojave ghost town within Fallout 4 itself.

Fallout 4 New Vegas map: the Washington monument in a war torn environment

It’s quite the process to get going, as the mod page details, and it looks like the mod struggles to be compatible with many other New Vegas and Fallout 4 mods at present. Right now bololo11 is replying to page comments and looking at fixes and compatibility changes though, but you may just need to uninstall all mods and keep an eye on feedback.

I love the idea of being able to explore the Mojave in Fallout 4, seeing places like Novac, Nipton, and even The Strip in a whole new light. I can also see this work having a massive impact on future mods and community content, as easily being able to port Fallout 3 and New Vegas assets into Fallout 4 presents a wealth of opportunity for player-driven creations.

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