Get ready, Fallout 76’s terrifying new cryptids arrive next week

Prepare your Power Armor, because new Fallout 76 cryptids arrive soon with the F76 Once in a Blue Moon update, with new public events as we await Atlantic City.

Fallout 76 Once in a Blue Moon - a man gasps, grabbing his face in horror.

Fallout 76 continues to chug on with the arrival of the Once in a Blue Moon update next week. With so much focus on the upcoming Starfield release date, you’d be forgiven for thinking things were quiet in Appalachia, but there’s actually a lot coming to Bethesda’s Fallout multiplayer game. As we await the upcoming Fallout 76 Atlantic City DLC announced over the weekend, you’ll want to ensure your Power Armor is polished up now.

That’s right, it’s already spooky season in Appalachia – two new Fallout 76 cryptids, the Blue Devil and the Ogua, are arriving with the Once in a Blue Moon update. The cryptids are probably one of my favorite parts of the survival game, providing that real sense of wonder (or terror) when you stumble across one amidst the woods.

Fallout 76 Once in a Blue Moon - the Ogua, a giant, turtle-like cryptid

Depending on their nature, cryptids can be easy or tough to spot. The Ogua might be a giant, dinosaur-like creature that’s the height of five men, with a mouth like a snapping turtle and giant rocky spines down its back, but when it’s resting in the Cranberry Glade you’d be forgiven for thinking it was nothing more than a pretty boulder.

You’ll probably hear the Blue Devil coming, however. With “an almost human-like snarl interlaced between its horrifying song,” this werewolf-esque terror gives you plenty of reason not to go down to the woods tonight.

Fallout 76 Once in a Blue Moon - The Blue Devil, a tall werewolf in the woods.

To accompany the pair come two new public events, along with a new daily ops mutation. Safe & Sound sees you defending the Blue Ridge caravan and its herd of Brahmin from attacking creatures (which might include the Blue Devil itself).

The Beasts of Burden event, meanwhile, sees Blue Ridge’s Luca Costa in trouble after a group of cultists snatches his cargo of makeshift explosives. You’ll have to try and retrieve it before Uncle Vinny finds out – but be wary of transporting them, because that rumbling boulder in the woods might be more alive than initial appearances suggest…

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Fallout 76 Once in a Blue Moon releases June 20. Despite its rough launch and flagrant disregard for the moral pondering of the series’ roots, Fallout 76 has blossomed into perhaps the most fun Fallout game yet. With the Atlantic City DLC on the way, I’m eager to jump back in for the Once in a Blue Moon update.

If you’re a PC Game Pass subscriber, you can also play Fallout 76 for free as part of your subscription. While it doesn’t support full cross-play, the cloud gaming version does connect to players on Xbox consoles, if you’re looking to jump in with friends.

Alternatively, enjoy Bethesda’s single-player offerings with the best Fallout 4 mods, or look ahead to the Fallout 5 release date – but don’t expect that any time soon.