Fallout 76 Test Your Metal adds robot gladiator fights

The latest free update for Fallout 76 adds three new public events, including savage arena fights against gangs of robot gladiators

Fallout 76 - Test Your Metal update: A woman in raider armour fires a shotgun, and a spent shell is ejected from the port

The latest Fallout 76 update is out now and it adds three new public events to the MMORPG’s list of wasteland activities, including one that pits you and some friends against teams of bloodthirsty combat robots in a series of spectacle battles run by a group of Blood Eagle raiders. The update, called Test Your Metal, is out now, and it’s free for all Fallout 76 players.

The first new event is (also) called Test Your Metal, and it’s the wasteland version of pro wrestling, with guns. If you’re itching for some main event brawling, talk with Initiate Pappas at the Metal Dome north of Fort Atlas. There’s a group of Blood Eagles, known as the Rust Eagles, who have set up organised robot vs. human gladiator battles there. If you can survive three rounds in the ring, there’s loot, experience, and other rare rewards to be had by the winners.

Here’s the trailer:

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Fortunately, you won’t have to fight the Rust Eagles’ metal monstrosities on your own – you’ll be able to bring three Brotherhood of Steel field team members along as backup.

Another new public event is called Eviction Notice. In this one, you’ll need to help a group of settlers at Foundation defend a contraption they’ve developed called the ‘rad scrubber’ by fighting off waves of super mutants. Succeed, and you’ll bank some settler reputation points, new loot, and a chance at bagging a three-star legendary weapon.

Finally, there’s the Moonshine Jamboree, which you can find by talking to Moonshiner Ned at the Sunday Brothers Cabin bar in the Mire. You’ll start the event by lighting a bonfire, which attracts hordes of gulpers. You’ll need to fight these off and prevent them from destroying the moonshine distilleries. Once you’ve collected 30 units of acidic gulper venom, you can deposit them in a batch of moonshine. The Moonshine Jamboree awards raider reputation, loot, and a new melee weapon called the Gulper Smacker. Ned will also throw in a couple bottles of Gulpershine, on the house.

Season 9 has now kicked off in Fallout 76, and it introduces a new seasonal scoreboard called Heart of Steel: A Dread Island Tale. If these new battles have given you a taste for robot games, you should check out our guide on the genre.