Fallout 76 update returns to The Pitt

The latest Fallout 76 update introduces the new expeditions system that lets you lead missions into The Pitt from Fallout 3 to save the Union from raiders

Fallout 76 update: A figure in retro space-style armour fires a green cloud from a futuristic weapon as an armoured soldier hefts a weapon in the background

It’s a good day for long-time Fallout fans, as the latest Fallout 76 update has arrived, adding The Pitt as a new location outside the MMORPG’s existing Appalachia map. The update adds the new expedition system, which allows players to take a vertibird to visit new locations, and the ruined version of Pittsburgh is the first of these.

The Pitt first appeared in Fallout in 2009 as an add-on to Fallout 3. It was a densely industrial location that had become the home to a band of raiders. Now it seems the raiders of the Pitt are looking to expand their territory, and you’ll hear about it from a new arrival to The Whitespring Refuge (the new name the Responders have given The Whitespring Resort).

The raiders are attacking members of the Union in their bid to take over the Pitt, and your first mission will be to head to a steel mill called The Foundry and help the Union reclaim it.

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To do that, though, you’ll need a way to travel there. That involves charging up a vertibird, which you can do by completing the new Responders Reborn quest. After that, you’ll be able to visit Whitespring Refuge every day for three new Refuge Daily Quests, each of which will grant you either 25% or 50% ultracell charge. Finish all three, and you’ll have enough juice to power the vertibird and travel to the Pitt.

You can find expeditions by opening the map and selecting the appropriate tab. Each mission will give you three random objectives, as well as some optional objectives you can do on your way there. Bethesda says these are all checkpointed, so you don’t have to finish a mission in one sitting.

The patch notes include a bunch of new additions and bugfixes, so check them out before hopping in and exploring the new area.