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New Fallout game, set in London and made by fans, gets a release date

Fallout London creators Team FOLON have announced exactly when we'll be able to get our hands on their vision of irradiated Blighty.

Team FOLON, the group of amateur enthusiast modders and industry veterans behind the hugely ambitious Fallout London has announced the final release date for the standalone game-sized mod. Fallout London is set to release on St. George’s Day, April 23 2024.

While Fallout London, the incredible reimagining of Fallout 4 set in England’s capital city, is coming out a quarter later than the team hoped and anticipated, it’s still a pleasant surprise when a titanic-sized mod like this sees the light of day. A phenomenal amount of work has gone into realizing Old Blighty in all it charm, and while the team have said Fallout London is content-complete and that the originally promised 2023 release date was pushed back so as not to clash with Starfield, they have admitted that they are not as far along with testing as they’d as a result of team members being located in conflict regions and impacted by understandable disruption.

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Team FOLON has released a detailed explainer video on its YouTube channel that details the reasons for the delay, but also serves as an exciting primer for the mod, demonstrating the exceptional scale of the world they’re creating. As a London-based Brit, Fallout London looks to be the most exciting Fallout game of this generation. It’s an odd feeling to find myself actually wanting to visit Croydon.

As we wait for St. George’s Day to roll around so we can explore irradiated London in all its charm, you’ve got plenty of time to take a look at all the other games like Fallout in the meantime. Or if Fallout London has got you in the mood to dive back into the Commonwealth, take a look at our pick of the best Fallout 4 mods available.

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