This Fallout Doom FPS is the shooter we have always dreamed of

A Fallout Doom FPS teaser trailer has been released, which takes the isometric RPG in a whole new direction that picks up the pace and delivers the gore

Fallout Doom is the FPS we have always dreamed of: Supermutant form the classic Fallout games looks into the camera

Everyone loves a good genre mashup, and a recently teased Fallout Doom FPS crossover is no exception, as it turns the 1997 isometric original into a fast-paced FPS game – and it looks absolutely amazing.

Called Fallout: Bakersfield, the mashup concept was shown off in a short YouTube video celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year. The project has apparently been powered by GZDoom, an updated version of Doom source port ZDoom. GZDoom introduces a number of updates to Doom, including modern software support that offers “limitless mod potential.”

Towards the end of the short showcase for the Fallout Doom FPS, there’s a brief flash of text outlining the game’s setting, which reads: “On October 23, 2077, the populace of Bakersfield learned that the other vaults had been sealed. In desperation, they took to their local shelter, forcing their way in to protect themselves and their families,” the mention of October 23 could also hint that more will be revealed about the project on that date.

“The door worked as designed: the radiation flooded in; those who survived suffered from ghoulification. In the summer of 2083, the survivors would leave the shelter. Those that chose to stay founded the city of Necropolis.”

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So Fallout: Bakersfield looks like it repurposes the Necropolis from the original RPG game, turning it into an FPS playground in the style of Doom. The short video may see a full release, but seeing what the original game could have looked like as an FPS before Bethesda got its hands on the franchise is fun nonetheless.

The fan-project seems to come from a number of game developers, including the artist behind classic Fallout mods and projects Fallout Sonora and Olympus 2207, Alexander Berezin.

Berezin is currently working with New Blood CEO Dave Oshry on a retro-futuristic isometric CRPG heavily inspired by the original Fallout games. In fact, Oshry joked that “Work on our RPG has slowed down because of this. You’re welcome,” adding that “Alexander [Berezin] is like literally the only artist on earth who could do it right.”

We’ve also reached out to Berezin in an effort to learn more about the Fallout Doom project, if it will ever see the light of day, and where the idea for the FPS came from.

We also took a look at the news about the Fallout-inspired isometric RPG project from Oshry and Berezin earlier this year, and have a list of the best Fallout 4 mods if this story has inspired you to drop back into the wastes.