One of the greatest RPGs in PC history is now available for free

Fallout, one of the best and most significant RPGs in PC history, is now free to own as part of this month’s Amazon Prime Gaming lineup.

Fallout free: The Vault Overseer from classic RPG Fallout

Before New Vegas, before Bethesda, before the Capital Wasteland, there was Fallout, the upstart 1997 RPG from Interplay. Initially worked on by a solitary programmer, the legendary Tim Cain, Fallout would eventually become one of the most beloved and influential games in PC history. Skyrim, Starfield, and of course Fallout 4 – they all owe a debt of inspiration to the pioneering original. And now, as part of your Amazon Prime Gaming subscription, you can play and own Fallout for absolutely nothing. If you want to see where it all started and get yourself a healthy dose of ‘90s nostalgia in the process, this one is a must.

Going back to the original Fallout, you might be surprised to find just how much of the later apocalyptic RPGs are right there from the start. Vault-Tec, VATs, caps, Deathclaws, the Brotherhood of Steel – all these elements which you perhaps encountered for the first time in New Vegas or Fallout 3 were initially created by Interplay. As the Vault Dweller, you are forced to leave your home when the purification chip, which supplies Vault 13 with fresh water, breaks down. What follows is one of the great RPGs of the PC’s golden era.

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As of today, Thursday February 1, if you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime Gaming you can receive a code to get Fallout on GOG for free. More free games will be available with Prime throughout this month – you can find the full list below:

Free Amazon Prime Games for February

  • Monday February 1: Fallout
  • Monday February 1: Breakout Recharged
  • Monday February 8: Missile Command: Recharged
  • Monday February 15: Criminal Archives: Alphabetic Murders – Collector’s Edition
  • Monday February 15: Tempest 4000
  • Monday February 22: Blade Assault
  • Monday February 29: Gravitar: Recharged

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