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Fallout TV show gives first look at the live-action Bethesda wasteland

Vanity Fair has shared the first stills of Amazon's Fallout TV show, with some some surprising reveations as to the show's canonicity.

With the Fallout TV show just under half a year away, Amazon has finally released some pictures of the finished product. And, it has to be said, it looks absolutely spectacular.

Wondering when we were going to get an official look at Amazon’s official Fallout TV show, based Bethesda’s iconic RPG games? Vanity Fair has answered that question with an exclusive set of show pictures.

What they’ve revealed is, it has to be said, thoroughly impressive. They’ve nailed the look of the Fallout games without the show looking cheap or too new.

At least, that’s what I’m getting from the screenshots, which offer a clearer picture of the show than the leaked images we’ve seen before. It’s possible that the Power Armor looks absolutely terrible in motion, but as a serious Fallout fan I’m hoping that’s not the case.

The article gives us a look at the Brotherhood of Steel, the show’s vault, a ghoul and more. The ghoul in question, simply known as The Ghoul, is played by Walton Goggins. Though, as explained by co-creator Jonathan Nolan (who also worked on Westworld) the make-up isn’t so thick that it buries Goggins’ expressions.

A ghoul sitting in a chair, dressed in a brown hat and brown clothes

The show doesn’t have one star, but the character fans will perhaps most readily identify with is Lucy, played by Ella Purnell. The daughter of her Vault’s overseer, she’s forced to exit the Vault on a rescue mission having never ever seen the outside world. What could possibly go wrong?

Vanity Fair also speaks to Bethesda’s Todd Howard. Howard had nothing to do with the first two Fallout games but has been involved with every Fallout game since Fallout 3 onwards. He serves as the show’s executive producer and confirms in the interview that he considers the show to be canon. He adds that the show has thought of some things he wish he and Bethesda had come up with.

A man and a woman, dressed in blue and yellow. The man is standing, the woman is setting at a desk. There are vault control panels around them.

You can read the full Vanity Fair first look here. Vanity Fair’s site charges but if you’ve not been there before, you’ll get to read one article – this one – free.

Set in Los Angeles, the Fallout show will arrive on Amazon next year, on Friday 12 April 2024. It’s set to be free to Amazon Prime subscribers.

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