Far Cry 5 patch improves online co-op and Arcade performance

Far Cry 5 driving

Far Cry 5’s title update 4 is now out for PC, and the bulk of the patch seems to be devoted to fixing bugs related to online co-op and Arcade levels.

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Co-op connectivity has been improved, which is a welcome change. They’ve also fixed a bug that could permanently mute a player. Oh, and now Hurk won’t blow up client players when they get into a helicopter, and that’s definitely a good thing.

As for Far Cry Arcade, Ubisoft say they’ve improved map download efficiency and fixed “various Arcade gameplay issues.”

All in all, the patch seems to primarily address bugs that were impacting quality of life, and having those ironed out is always welcome. The full patch notes are available on the Far Cry 5 forum.