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This indie game takes Monster Hunter’s wirebugs to a whole new level

Fera The Sundered Tribes is an upcoming monster hunting game that focuses heavily on aerial acrobatics, but weaves in village building and management.

One of the neatest additions Monster Hunter Rise added to the series was wirebugs, which allowed players to zip around the map (and unleash amazing new combos) on projectile tethers. It was a whole new way to move around Monster Hunter’s large maps, as well as gain the upper hand on its fearsome beasts. Fera The Sundered Tribes has taken this idea and run with it: it’s a monster hunting game that gives you wings.

In Fera The Sundered Tribes, you’re tasked with hunting down powerful legendary monsters that live in its shattered fantasy world of floating islands and basalt monoliths. Players can glide and divebomb using their feathered wingsuits, and use a retractable tether to pull themselves toward anchor points and gain momentum.

It’s also a co-op game, so part of the fun is in teaming up with friends and watching each other pull off cool aeronautic maneuvers as you search for and do battle with Fera’s biggest beasties. The monsters aren’t about to take this lying down, however. In addition to the usual claw swipes and chomp attacks you’d expect, these behemoths are also capable of unleashing bullet hell-style waves of projectiles, testing your team’s command of the acrobatic movement system.

Fera was featured in the ID@XBox showcase, and you can see the clip starting at the 1:09:00 mark:

YouTube Thumbnail

Interestingly, Fera also adds some additional layers to the game loop. Your base of operations is located on a floating island high above the hunting grounds, and it’s a full-fledged village management sim where you’ll direct workers to take up jobs crafting the gear you need to survive in the wild.

Not only that, but Fera also provides neat new opportunities for teamwork. In the video above, one of the developers engages a monster along with their team, and while his teammates keep the monster occupied, the dev sneaks away to grab one of the monster’s precious eggs – which he then takes back to his village to hatch into a pet that will one day join him in battle.

Fera: The Sundered Tribes is “coming soon;” no official release date has yet been announced. You can follow it on Steam for updates.

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