The best FIFA 23 kits in Ultimate Team

You need to look the part in Ultimate Team, so make sure you’ve got some of the best FIFA 23 kits to look stylish in as you take to the field

Best FIFA 23 kits: A player wearing the Venezia away kit on the pitch

The best FIFA 23 kits are cherry picked from a, quite frankly, ridiculous number of threads in the football game. Get used to facing Arsenal’s away kit, or anything that combines Paris Saint-Germain’s colours with the Jordan logo, as these continue to gain in popularity since FIFA 23’s launch.

For those looking to nab something a little different, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a selection of our favourites for the season ahead, all of which can be purchased from the transfer market right now. Some, of course, are more expensive than others, so it all depends on how much you’re willing to spend to look good.

Best FIFA 23 kits: Argentinos Juniors

Argentinos Juniors – Home Kit

Red and white kits are very common in football. You may be familiar with at least two massive English teams that rock the classic combo – Barnsley and Charlton Athletic – but it’s an Argentine Primera Division side who have the slickest variation of these colours this season.

There’s something about a bright red kit with a white trim that just works. The diagonal white stripe across the chest is a famous design in Argentina with River Plate, but the lesser known Juniors have smashed it this year.

Best FIFA 23 kits: Venezia home kit

Venezia – Home Kit

Venezia’s shirts have taken social media by storm across the last two seasons. Launched with stylish fashion shots that highlight the designs as something you might wear out rather than on the football pitch, the Serie B side has crafted its own hype in a busy market.

This season’s home shirt is a classy design from Kappa, whose logo adorns the black shirt alongside the golden club badge. The minimal amount of writing on the front, the green and orange trim. It’s just very sharp. Only players of extreme dignity and honour dare crunch into two-footed tackles wearing this one.

Best FIFA 23 kits: Juventus third kit

Juventus – Third Kit

Okay, okay, we had to slip a more obvious choice in. Juventus’ third kit design is pretty leftfield and shouldn’t work as well as it does. The pink and blue shirt explosion is held together by blue shorts and socks that make the overall package feel like it could have been created as an objective by EA themselves.

Arguably the most well-known and popular kit on this list, it’s a fine alternative if you’re dead set on representing a big club without purchasing something too generic.

Best FIFA 23 kits: Eintracht Braunschweig home kit

Eintracht Braunschweig – Home Kit

It’s entirely possible Braunschweig’s kit is elevated because the team’s name is so fun to say in English. Braunschweig. Braunnnn-schweeeig. Or rather, the blue and yellow lightning bolt design looks great during matches.

It’s also a fun kit to build the rest of your stadium colouration around. Grab yellow nets, paint the seats blue and fully embrace the colour scheme to set yourself apart from the many, many space-nebula setups out there right now.

Best FIFA 23 kits: SPAL home kit

SPAL – Home Kit

It must be something about Serie B sides and insanely slick designs. Macron kept it minimal for SPAL’s home shirt and it pays off in a big way.

It’s refreshing to see no sponsor on the blue and white stripes that could prove a great alternative for players who want to rock a classic Argentina vibe without wearing the badge of Lionel Messi and co.

Best FIFA 23 kits: Port Vale away kit

Port Vale – Away Kit

A slew of kits that take inspiration from the colourful, weirdly patterned ‘90s designs are doing the rounds right now. Port Vale have some of that ‘Arsenal banana kit’ energy this season with a beautiful away shirt that’s made up of light and dark blue.

It’s the little details that make it, though. The trim on the shorts that is different across both legs fits in with the rest of the design perfectly. If you’re looking to wear blue, but don’t fancy the traditional look of the aforementioned SPAL, this could be the one for you.

Best FIFA 23 kits: Netherlands away kit

Netherlands – Away Kit

It honestly feels like every Netherlands kit since the dawn of time is worthy of a special mention. Their orange and black combo is instantly recognisable and evokes memories of legendary players such as Johan Cruyff, Marco Van Basten and Alexander Buttner.

Technically their 2021-22 kit ahead of the new World Cup designs dropping, this black kit is still worth your time. The orange lettering and logos absolutely pop. There’s also plenty of bright stadium options to replicate the iconic sea of colour the Oranje fans are so well known for.

Grab the Netherlands kit early, before the inevitable rise in price as players are more exposed to them at the World Cup in November.

Your kit choice is a great way of forging your identity in FIFA 23. Are you the type of player who goes for tradition over whatever the new fad is? Sponsors over minimalism? Red or blue? While you weigh up the choices, be sure to check out our guide on FIFA 23 lengthy players, because this is the current meta. Alternatively, you can view our solutions for the Puzzle Master, First XI, and Around the World SBCs, because they provide the best rewards.