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Twitch Prime members are getting some extra Final Fantasy XV loot

Final Fantasy XV

If you’ve signed up for Twitch Prime, you can snag a pile of cash and weird new mount for your travels in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

Here’s our reasons for thinking the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV is the best one you can buy.

Square Enix announced the “Kooky Bundle” Thursday, which provides 10,000 gil and the purple, googly-eyed “Kooky Chocobo” as in-game gifts for FFXV players who have Twitch Prime accounts.

There are two ways to redeem your rewards: Click the crown icon after logging into Twitch and then select “Claim Offer” on the Final Fantasy XV reward. Or you can launch Final Fantasy XV and click on the “Special Gift from Twitch Prime” on the main menu.

You can check out a quick clip of the Kooky Chocobo in action above. As you can see, it’s resplendent in Twitch-purple feathers, but the googly eyes give it a bit of a terrified look.

Square Enix say there are more rewards coming soon for Final Fantasy XV owners through their Twitch Prime partnership.

Twitch Prime has been offering free games and in-game loot in quite a few titles lately. Notable among these is Fortnite, whose partnership with Twitch has yielded dividends for both the game and the platform.