FFXIV’s new PvP mode will appear in the next Letter to the Producer

The new more casual-focused Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker PvP mode will be revealed in the next Letter to the Producer.

Alisaie in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker PvP

There’s a new PvP mode coming to Final Fantasy XIV as part of this year’s upcoming Endwalker expansion, and nothing is really known about it as it hasn’t yet been shown off. Well, Square Enix has confirmed that the new Endwalker PvP mode will finally be revealed in the next Letter to the Producer stream.

When the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion was revealed in February this year during a special showcase stream, game director Naoki Yoshida briefly mentioned that it would be introducing a brand new PvP mode. As noted by Nova Crystallis, this would be a smaller-scale mode than Final Fantasy XIV’s main Frontline PvP mode – although larger than Feast – and is going to be more casual-orientated.

This mode will remove role restrictions so it’ll make matchmaking easier, and while a bit more straightforward and casual Square Enix still hopes to keep the gameplay immersive and addictive. It’ll also feature a new type of reward system that won’t just revolve around gear, and might not revolve around only killing opponents.

That’s basically everything the team has revealed so far about FFXIV’s new PvP, and with Endwalker’s launch fast approaching fans are probably wondering when they’ll hear more. In the latest stream, Square Enix confirms that the next Letter to the Producer stream will be held on November 5 – and will contain the full reveal of the PvP mode.

It’s cutting it rather close considering the Endwalker expansion itself releases just a few weeks later, so hopefully the reveal of a brand new competitive mode coming to one of the best MMOs around will be worth the wait.