FFXIV The Rising 2022 event celebrates its ninth anniversary

FFXIV The Rising 2022 event celebrates ninth anniversary of the fantasy MMORPG with a terrifying Emet-Selch Clockwork Solus minion reward for Final Fantasy 14

FFXIV The Rising 2022 - Clockwork Solus minion, a tiny model of Emet-Selch, a man with two-tone hair and powerful eyebrows

The FFXIV The Rising 2022 event has arrived to celebrate the ninth anniversary of critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV with a seasonal festival. Players will have two weeks to participate in the event, where you can earn a special Clockwork Solus minion that sees a rather terrifying miniature replica of fan-favourite character Emet-Selch following you around.

For those of you yet to experience the story of Shadowbringers – an expansion often cited as Final Fantasy XIV’s highest point to date and even listed by many among the best RPG game stories period – trust us when we say that Emet-Selch’s reputation as one of the most compelling characters around is well-earned. Fans will delight, then, in having a tiny replica version of him following them about the world of Eorzea, complete with his iconic two-tone hair.

Final Fantasy XIV’s The Rising 2022 event marks the ninth anniversary since A Realm Reborn launched on August 27, 2013 following the shut down and redevelopment of the game after the overwhelmingly negative reception to its original 2010 release. It’s safe to say that the reboot was a resounding success, with its overhauled mechanics and the multiple expansions that followed propelling Square Enix’s fantasy game to huge critical and commercial popularity as both one of the best single-player MMOs and one of the best multiplayer games.

A recent report revealed that despite Square Enix net sales dropping by 15.5% from last year, its sales in the MMO segment rose thanks to continued growth in the number of active Final Fantasy XIV subscribers. Certainly cause to celebrate, then. If you want in on the festivities, you’ll have two weeks from August 27 – September 12 to participate and earn yourself the Clockwork Solus minion.

FFXIV The Rising 2022 event guide and rewards – how to get Clockwork Solus minion

The Final Fantasy XIV The Rising 2022 event is live from August 27 – September 12. The exact times and dates for your region can be seen below:

Region Start Time End Time
US West August 27 @ 12am PT September 12 @ 7:59am PT
US East August 27 @ 3am ET September 12 @ 10:59am ET
UK August 27 @ 8am BST September 12 @ 3:59pm BST
Europe August 27 @ 9am CEST September 12 @ 4:59pm CEST
Australia August 27 @ 5pm AEST September 13 @ 12:59am AEST

The Rising 2022 event can be started with the quest ‘Newfound Journey’ at the Wandering Minstrel in Ul-dah – Steps of Nald (x:10.1, y:8.4). Players must be level 15 to participate, and will receive the Clockwork Solus minion upon completion of the event. Certain items available during previous iterations of the event can be purchased via the Rising vendor – though these are likely limited to consumable party poppers and the like.

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