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Yoshi-P planning FFXIV jobs “brand new” to Final Fantasy

Producer Naoki Yoshida believes that 'brand new' FFXIV jobs never been seen in Final Fantasy series history may be coming to the MMORPG in due course

FFXIV new jobs never been seen in Final Fantasy history may be coming

According to producer Naoki Yoshida in a new interview, “brand new” Final Fantasy XIV jobs that “haven’t appeared in the Final Fantasy series before” are likely coming to the MMO game in due course – although it is apparently “very difficult” for the team to do so.

There are already many Final Fantasy XIV classes and jobs in the MMORPG, but new ones are being regularly added – such as the Reaper and Sage jobs that were added in December last year as part of the Endwalker expansion.

In a new interview at Final Fantasy XI site We Are Vana’diel, producer Naoki Yoshida lamented how “tough” it is for the team to come up with new jobs, as the “gameplay experience needs to match their pre-established design”. Yoshi-P then added that “at this point, I’m thinking we have no choice but to come up with brand new jobs that haven’t appeared in the Final Fantasy series before.” What form they could take, he wouldn’t elaborate, but confirms that “we always need to add more jobs to keep providing new gameplay experiences.”

Final Fantasy XI producer Akihiko Matsui agrees that it’s “very difficult to come up with a new job”, adding that the team “can’t release a superior version of a certain job, and a new job that offers the same experience as an existing one would defeat the purpose of adding a new job”. Nevertheless, Matsui says that it’s a “rule of design” to add either “a new job or playable race as the main feature of a new expansion,” so we’ll be seeing new jobs at some point for sure.

There are a lot of things still to come in the Final Fantasy XIV roadmap, but there’s no clue when the MMO’s next expansion will arrive – only that it will come with a big graphical update alongside FFXIV version 7.0.