FFXIV patch 6.3 will put player housing back in danger

FFXIV patch 6.3 is set to bring back automatic demolition timers for estates, meaning that player housing can be destroyed if you don’t log into the MMORPG

FFXIV patch 6.3 player housing - a red-haired female Au Ra in a Santa outfit stands, arms folded, in front of a player house

FFXIV patch 6.3 will once again put your player housing back in danger if you don’t log in. The FFXIV 6.3 update is set to arrive in January, with an extensive breakdown due in FFXIV Live Letter 75 just prior to Christmas. However, Square Enix has announced that one troublesome feature will be making a return, demanding that Final Fantasy 14 players log into the critically acclaimed MMORPG periodically or their player housing will be destroyed.

The automatic demolition of FFXIV estates was suspended back in December 2021, with changes to the way houses are allocated thanks to a new lottery system and the ongoing pandemic factoring into that initial decision. However, Square Enix says that “after careful consideration, we have decided to resume auto-demolition with the release of patch 6.3.”

The exact date and time for the patch aren’t yet known, though director Naoki Yoshida said during a previous Live Letter that fans could expect it in “early January,” which is reaffirmed by the announcement post. The update also notes that “there is a possibility the timer will be suspended again should the need arise.”

So what does that mean for those of you with a house who are worried about the timer? If you’ve been in your house at some point since the timer was suspended, then your free company estate will have its inactivity timer reset to its maximum duration. If you haven’t, however, then following the launch of patch 6.3 the timer will resume from the time it was at on December 5, 2021 when the freeze occurred.

Players will receive an email notification if their free company house is within ten days of auto-demolition, or if they have not entered their property for at least thirty days. It’s worth noting that, while you can play Final Fantasy 14 for free, you can’t join a free company on a free-to-play account. This means that someone in your FC will need an active subscription to at least login and pop into the house – effectively treating your sub as a tiny little mortgage.

With the FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2022 underway and a gorgeous reindeer mount up for grabs, there’s already plenty of reasons to be playing ahead of the next patch. The recently released FFXIV VR mod also offers a whole new perspective on Eorzea.