FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2022 arrives with reindeer mount

The FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2022 event hits Final Fantasy 14, as the MMORPG Christmas event adds a reindeer mount ahead of the FFXIV patch 6.3 Live Letter

FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2022 - a green-haired Viera reads a book while seeting next to a large white-haired reindeer

The festive season has arrived in Eorzea, as the FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2022 event begins with players able to take part in some Christmas cheer and earn themselves a new FFXIV reindeer mount for the critically acclaimed MMORPG. Square Enix has also unveiled key art for the upcoming FFXIV patch 6.3, along with the special website for the next major update, ahead of the full breakdown in FFXIV Live Letter 75 on December 23.

The FFXIV Starlight Celebration 2022 event runs December 15-31. You can access it by heading to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Old Gridania and speaking to Amh Garanjy (found at x:10.2, y:9.4 on the map, if you’re lost). You’ll need to be level 15 to start the quest Reindeer Fame, but even new players should be able to get there quickly nowadays, so don’t worry if you’ve just started playing. If you want exact times for your region, check the chart below:

Region Starlight Celebration start and end times
US West (PT) Dec 15 @ 12am – Dec 31 @ 7am
US East (ET) Dec 15 @ 3am – Dec 31 @ 10am
UK (GMT) Dec 15 @ 8am – Dec 31 @ 3pm
Europe (CET) Dec 15 @ 9am – Dec 31 @ 4pm
Australia (AET) Dec 15 @ 7pm – Jan 1, 2023 @ 2am

The event rewards you with a Starlight Steed Horn, used to summon the Starlight Steed mount – a rather elegant reindeer with a very impressive set of horns. You’ll also get an Illuminated Tree, an outdoor furnishing item with a white birch-like tree decorated with icy blue lights for the festive season. As normal, there’s also some fashionable new seasonal cosmetic items (and returning ones from old events) available for purchase with real money through the FFXIV Online Store.

Ahead of the FFXIV patch 6.3 reveal, we’ve been given a look at the key art featuring Warrior of Light Meteor and everyone’s new favourite FFXIV Reaper Zero, who was officially introduced in patch 6.2. The official site for FFXIV 6.3 ‘Gods Revel, Lands Tremble’ outlines the features coming in the next update, which were introduced in FFXIV Live Letter 74.

Among the big reveals announced for FFXIV 6.3 are a new Ultimate, the next stage of the 24-person Alliance Raid, and the next Deep Dungeon. FFXIV fans will also be very eager to see art for the new Duty Support added to the remaining FFXIV Heavensward dungeons – it looks like you’ll be joined by both Alphinaud and Aymeric in at least one of its most exciting encounters (which, need we remind you, are included in the free trial).

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