The FFXIV Shiba mount is now its best-selling store item

The new FFXIV Shiba mount, which lets players ride a giant Shiba Inu in the MMORPG, has overtaken the Phial of Fantasia to become the best-selling store item

FFXIV Shiba mount best-selling store item: An FFXIV character sitting atop a giant Shiba Inu, which is bouncing on its hind legs with a joyful expression on a pier in the MMORPG's Costa del Sol

It takes a lot to distract Final Fantasy XIV players from their glamours, but the new FFXIV Shiba mount has managed to do the improbable and overtake the ever-popular Phial of Fantasia as the best-selling store item. Critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has its own online store which sells a variety of cosmetics, mounts, and more for real money (including the ability to book your own in-game wedding).

You may not necessarily know that the store is there, because FFXIV doesn’t really push it in-game, but you can’t step foot in any of the MMO’s main hub areas without passing dozens of players decked out in premium clothing glamours. Since its addition on June 30, I’ve lost count of the number of Eorzeans I’ve seen rocking the modern-looking street attire.

While that has proven popular, however, it pales in comparison to another addition from June 30. The Megashiba mount, which seats your Warrior of Light atop a giant Shiba Inu, was an instant hit among fans – with outpourings of love for the beloved pup coming immediately from all over the game’s community.

Now, the pretty pooch has claimed its rightful place atop the FFXIV online store’s best sellers list, managing to topple even the mighty Phial of Fantasia. The Fantasia, an item which allows users to alter their characters appearance, race, and gender, has long been one of the most popular store items as indecisive users experiment with a range of different looks. The aforementioned street attire makes it to third place, though it’s unable to best the Fantasia.

As one thread on the game’s subreddit puts it, “Doggo has dethroned the King.” Users in the comments joke that the trend won’t last, however – one says, “A temporary moment of weakness. It’ll be over soon.” Another suggests that the Shiba mount might lead to a further surge in Fantasia sales, as players contemplate, “You know what would look really cute on this Megashiba?”

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