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Final Fantasy creator beats FFXIV: ARR in two weeks, Heavensward in two days

Hironobu Sakaguchi managed to get through A Realm Reborn in 16 days, but got through FFXIV's first expansion much quicker

Three FFXIV players at the start of the Heavensward expansion in Ishgard

Close to 18 years after leaving Square Enix, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has been trying his hand at one of the most popular games in the series since his departure, leading to some rather wholesome content on Twitter. It turns out, though, that Sakaguchi isn’t messing around when it comes to catching up in Final Fantasy XIV, as he’s completed the Heavensward expansion in just two days.

As spotted by Fanbyte, Sakaguchi tweeted about starting Heavensward on October 12 before updating everyone that he rolled credits on October 15. To put that into perspective, he first started tweeting about beginning the game on September 27, which means it took him around 16 days to finish A Realm Reborn. That’s some serious improvement in the grind. Sakaguchi isn’t letting FFXIV dominate too much of his time, though, as he’s taken breaks to do things like attend his daughter’s wedding.

It’s still wholesome, though, to see that Sakaguchi is making his way through the MMO. He initially started playing ahead of a special Tokyo Game Show talk with FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida about the appeal and potential of RPGs. Even though the event has come and gone, he still hung around to see what the hype behind Heavensward is about.

One of the best parts of Sakaguchi’s playthrough is that he picked a Lalafell as his character. Content creator Easy Allies even asked Yoshida about his thoughts on that during a recent Endwalker preview event, alongside Sakaguchi’s choice of the Gladiator job.

“Lalafells are adorable, so maybe that’s why he chose [one],” Yoshida said. “I know he’s been reaching out to Yasumi Matsuno for advice, so maybe he told him: ‘oh yeah, if you go in as a tank, the queue won’t be as long, and you’ll get matched quicker.'”

Yoshida then mentions the Tokyo Game Show talk, suggesting that Sakaguchi might have been brushing up beforehand.

FFXIV’s Endwalker release date is set for November. If you want to find out about the FFXIV Reaper and Sage jobs ahead of time, though, you can follow those links.