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Final Fantasy 14 is getting a Stardew Valley mode

Live the quiet life in the new expansion

A Final Fantasy XIV character walking towards their crops and animals

The next Final Fantasy 14 expansion, Endwalker, finishes what A Realm Reborn started. Among all the notable additions and gameplay elements coming to the MMORPG game, one really stands out – a Stardew Valley-like sidequest called Island Sanctuary.

Not a huge amount is known as yet, other than it turns the open-world game into a farming game. It’s been described as a way to relaxing, and slow down the action-adventure game, for an easier pace amid all the raids and quests. “Live off the land, raise animals and cultivate the earth, all while soaking in the sights of this beautiful paradise”, reads one description, on the official PlayStation blog.

An associated artwork, viewable above, really just looks like Stardew Valley meets Story of Seasons, but in the realm of Final Fantasy, meaning Chocobos. Land sharks too, going by all the cute little animals running around the character’s ankles in the image. Information available suggests you’ll have some level of autonomy for your farm in terms of whether you want it to be in orderly sections for each animal, or complete chaos as all your critters roam free.

This will arrive with Endwalker, coming in autumn, and you watch the trailer for that here:

Besides the Endwalker information, we got an overview of Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.5, Part 1 of which is due in April.