Final Fantasy XIV has broken its all-time Steam concurrent player record

Final Fantasy XIV hit its biggest peak concurrent player count on Steam this weekend, possibly thanks to WoW streamer Asmongold.

Final Fantasy XIV Steam concurrent player count

Over the weekend Final Fantasy XIV saw a massive influx of players, and as a result, has hit its biggest concurrent player count ever on Steam – over 47k people. The cause for this is seemingly popular WoW Twitch streamer Asmongold, who joined FFXIV and immediately found themselves mobbed by players.

The new peak concurrent player count on Steam stands at 47,542 players, according to SteamDB, which Final Fantasy XIV hit around 8 pm UTC yesterday. This doesn’t even include people playing via the game’s own launcher or on consoles, as of course, FFXIV has crossplay support. The Steam player counts have been steadily rising as the MMO continues to increase in popularity, with the previous peak being  41,200 concurrent players on June 24.

Nevertheless, the reason for the spike in players this weekend can probably be attributed to popular World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold, who played Final Fantasy XIV on their stream for the first time. Over 200,000 people watched them play FFXIV – and numerous players leapt in to join Asmongold’s play.

In fact, so many players joined and started spamming Asmongold that they brought down the Cactuar server entirely – and it wasn’t until the streamer learned how to disguise some of their character’s information that they were actually able to play properly. Fellow streamer CohhCarnage also joined in, although they were apparently mobbed far less than Asmongold.

Despite being over seven years old, Final Fantasy XIV’s popularity only seems to be increasing – mostly thanks to the constant support from Square Enix. and now players are eagerly anticipating FFXIV’s fourth big expansion Endwalker later this year.