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FFXIV’s Valentine’s Day event returns soon - here’s when and where

This time around, you can get a new Chocobo outfit and some housing decorations in Final Fantasy XIV's Valentine's Day event

FFXIV players during Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is nearly here, so all your favourite games are getting seasonal events to send you all aflutter, and Final Fantasy XIV is no different. While the Halloween-themed All Saints’ Wake was a tad late, Valentine’s Day is arriving right on time.

FFXIV’s Valentione’s Day event kicks off on February 8 at midnight PST, 3am PST, and 8am GMT. The event runs to February 21. Once the time comes, you can head to Old Gridania to meet Lisette de Valentione at coordinates X:10.2 / Y:9.4, who will have a seasonally appropriate quest for you. You only have to be level 15 to do it, so most of you should be just dandy.

This time around, you’re getting an outfit – barding, if you’re fancy – for your company-issued Chocobo mount to dress it up like a delivery person. You can also get some new decorations for your home if you’re lucky enough to, uh, actually own one. Square Enix has also clarified that certain items from previous Valentine’s Day events can be obtained from the House Valentione maid, so if you’ve missed out previously, now’s your shot.

FFXIV’s next Live Letter will also fall during the seasonal event. Alongside answering some Endwalker questions, director Naoki Yoshida is also talking about the next ten years of the popular MMO.

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