New FFXIV mount lets you ride with beloved character

Everyone's favorite little Chocobo from Final Fantasy XIV is joining Warriors of Light everywhere as they traverse Eorzea thanks to this new FFXIV mount.

Alpha, a small yellow Chcobo character from Final Fantasy, jumping with his wings wide while smiling

Final Fantasy XIV has been my favorite MMORPG since I first played it back in 2017. Many fans have been around even longer, with some active in-game since Square Enix first launched it over a decade ago. A core Final Fantasy XIV memory for me is my first Fan Festival and the opportunity it gave me to meet my Free Company friends in real life. Not only does FFXIV’s global event offer a chance for players to come together, but it also generally includes fun new optional items such as emotes, glamour pieces, minions, mounts, and more.

Every once in a while, there is an MMO-related item I absolutely need, a recent one being a real-life version of the FFXIV grapes. This isn’t the only incredible accessory to come out of the Fan Festival, though, in-game or real life. Square Enix has just made a post advertising its new optional Mog Station purchases, and we have the Fan Festival to thank for them. With a bit of everything from colorful emotes to a mount carrying the best boy ever on it, the Summer Sale packs quite a punch.

An FFXIV advertisement showing off the new Fan Festival-themed optional items for purchase

The Garlond GL-IS is FFXIV’s latest mount, and it takes shape as a magitek vehicle fitted with a sidecar allowing for two riders. These two riders aren’t players, though, but rather two fan-favorite companions. Alpha, the adorable Chocobo, and the equally cute Lalafell Wedge. The Garlond GL-IS is on sale for $33.30 / £22.50 right now.

Other new items found on the online shop here include the Advent of Light emote, which comes in at $6.30 / £3.63, and a few different Cheer Wave emotes, all $1.80 /£1.04 each. You can also opt to purchase a set of the Cheer Wave emotes for $4.50 /£2.59. Fans looking for new music to spice up their houses and apartments can grab various Orchestrion Rolls as well. These items are all available until the Summer Sale ends on Wednesday, August 16.

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