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The FF14 and FF16 crossover is coming when “hype peaks” for Dawntrail

Producer Naoki Yoshida has given a release window for the FF14 and FF16 free crossover event, and it's later than we all thought it was.

FF14 FF16 crossover date: a man in fantasy armor riding and petting a giant wolf dog that's just happy to be there

We finally know a little bit more about the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI crossover, as producer on both games Naoki ‘Yoshi-P’ Yoshida outlined exactly what to expect when Clive Rosfield comes to Eorzea later this year. While I absolutely cannot wait for the crossover, having just beaten FF16 myself, we’re going to be waiting a little longer than expected.

Late last year I remember seeing many hopeful fans guessing that the Final Fantasy 14 and 16 crossover would come at the end of that year, and while we all know that didn’t come to pass, we’ll be waiting a fair bit longer for the update to the MMORPG. The biggest news from the keynote is undoubtedly the FF14 Pictomancer though, a ranged magical DPS that uses a paintbrush.

According to Yoshida during FF14 Fan Fest Japan’s opening keynote, the 6.5x patch for the FF16 crossover is planned for “early April.” We already know a lot about what to expect from the free update, but Yoshida added that Square Enix is planning to release it “just before the hype peaks for Dawntrail.”

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Yoshida then adds that you’ll get a “nice variety of rewards” for completing the FF14 and F16 crossover. The trailer for the event from last year reveals that you can expect an adult Torgal mount, a young Torgal minion, Clive’s outfit as a glamour, and a new questline containing a fight with FF16’s version of Ifrit.

We know little else about the crossover, or exactly when FF16 itself is coming to PC. Yoshida does play up the fact he’s the producer on both games, saying he has a message from someone named Mr. Yoshida: “While you’re waiting for Dawntrail you should give 16 a try.” It’s peak dad joke energy, and I love it.

Yoshida has already said that the PC port of FF16 will require an SSD to work, so while you wait for that and the new expansion we’ve got everything we know about the FF14 Dawntrail release date as of now. Or you can play one of the many new MMOs instead.

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