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The FF14 Pictomancer is the second new Dawntrail job and it’s gorgeous

The new FF14 Pictomancer job is revealed at FFXIV Fan Fest Japan 2024 in Tokyo, with a trailer for the ranged magical DPS coming in Dawntrail.

FF14 Pictomancer is the new Dawntrail job - Krile Baldesion smiles as colors explode around her.

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Tokyo has given us our first look at the Pictomancer, the second of the two new Dawntrail jobs arriving with the next FF14 expansion in summer 2024. Game director Naoki Yoshida, best known as ‘Yoshi-P,’ took to the stage to open the event with plenty more exciting Dawntrail details, including the reveal of the second job and a tease of female Hrothgar and a new Beastmaster limited job, and we’ve got them all here for you.

The new Final Fantasy 14 Pictomancer job trailer shows off the ranged magical DPS, which joins the Viper as the new class choices for the upcoming Dawntrail expansion. We’ve been eagerly anticipating the next addition to the beloved MMORPG since the reveal of the Viper at Fan Fest London, so this announcement is one more reason to look forward to the FF14 Dawntrail release date in the summer.

Much like the Viper, the Pictomancer will be unlocked at level 80, requiring no prior class, and you’ll be able to pick it up immediately in Gridania if you own Dawntrail, meaning you’ll have the option to play through the full expansion story as either of the new main jobs if you want to.

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Yoshida notes that the Pictomancer was the only job to debut in Final Fantasy 6. In FF14, however, he says they can paint not only the enemies they’re facing, but also environments, weapons, and more. The first character to take up the new job will be everyone’s favorite Lalafell, Krile Baldesion, who Yoshida says is eager to finally step into action.

As a ranged magical DPS, Pictomancers make use of caster gear, and wield a brush as a weapon. In combat, Yoshida says the new class works in the medium of ‘mixed aether’ using its specialized brush. Doing so takes time, but they’ll also keep a selection of instant-cast spells and abilities to hand, and have the ability to buff party members, making them somewhat of a magical equivalent to the Dancer.

FF14 Pictomancer is the second new Dawntrail job - Screenshot giving additional details on the new class: "Works in the medium of mixed aether, wielding a specialized brush to render their imaginings reality. These creations include not only creatures and weapons, but landscapes as well. As evoking such wonders takes time, the Pictomancer also keeps instant-cast abilities and spells at the ready."

“We wouldn’t say it’s a full support job, if that’s what you’re thinking, but it is not quite as attack-focused as something like Black Mage,” Yoshida says. He also confirms, “Pictomancers cannot res you.” Its style looks absolutely stunning, with bright splashes of colored paint flying everywhere as the Pictomancer takes on its foes.

We also got a glimpse of the new female Hrothgars at the event, finally confirming that the much-rumored addition to player race selection will be arriving in Dawntrail alongside the new jobs. While we didn’t get a look at the new limited job that will be joining the Blue Mage, we did find out what it is: the FF14 Beastmaster.

If you missed the original FF14 Dawntrail reveal, we’ve got all the details from that, as well as a full breakdown of everything shown at FF14 Fan Fest London last year. You might also want to take a look through more of the best new MMOs if you’re after something to pass the time until Dawntrail.

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