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New FF14 Dawntrail benchmark announced after graphics controversy

A new FF14 Dawntrail benchmark is planned to launch soon for the upcoming MMORPG expansion, Yoshida confirms, after graphics confusion.

FF14 Dawntrail benchmark update due later in May, Yoshida says - The default male Warrior of Light looks into the distance, holding a water flask.

Naoki Yoshida confirms that a new FF14 Dawntrail benchmark is on the way soon, after the initial release of the system-testing tool for the upcoming expansion caused confusion among players around the new graphical update for the beloved MMORPG. Yoshida, best known as ‘Yoshi-P,’ outlines the ongoing schedule for the changes being made, and says the team is currently aiming to deliver the redesigned benchmark by the end of May.

The Final Fantasy 14 benchmark tool was designed as a way to check in with the graphical update set to arrive alongside patch 7.0 and the FF14 Dawntrail release date. With system requirements shifting slightly in accordance with the visual overhaul to the now decade-old MMORPG, it gives you a chance to see whether your PC is in need of any upgrades before the Dawntrail expansion arrives.

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The benchmark also allows players to see how the new-look models are shaping up with the character creator, which also affords the first chance to make a character using the new female Hrothgar that are joining in 7.0.

Confusion arose, however, when players began to spot that the new models seemed to look rather flat, with lifeless eyes and unexpected glossiness in certain weather types, which Yoshida explains is the result of an old lighting system specific to the character creator that hadn’t been updated in accordance with the graphics overhaul.

In a new message, Yoshida details the ongoing process to refine the benchmark and release a new version to players. He explains that work on the majority of the environmental parameters such as lighting and weather in the character creator has been completed, with “several of our lead artists currently reviewing and fine-tuning” the process prior to a final once-over from Yoshida himself.

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Work based on additional feedback continues and other “bugs, data issues, or sections in need of further attention” are currently being investigated by character artists and rendering programmers, Yoshida notes. He says that this work is currently scheduled to wrap by Thursday May 16, with a further five days required for quality assurance after that.

“The replacement of the benchmark is currently scheduled for May 23, or later during that week, but we are not yet able to confirm a definite date. My apologies for this,” Yoshida says. “Having said that, our players graciously provided a tremendous amount of feedback with screenshots. We hope to return this favor by addressing as many points as possible, and I would appreciate it if you could bear with us a while longer as we solidify a release date for the updated benchmark.”

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