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Bring your FFXIV friends back to play and you both get free gifts

A new FFXIV Callback Campaign is here to reward you and your friends, whether you're still playing the game or coming back after time away.

FFXIV Callback campaign: a cat man with blue and red hair in blue armor, with a bright room behind him

The FFXIV Callback Campaign is here to reward those of us still playing the game and our friends who might have stepped away to play one of the many games that came out this summer. Having recently just started getting into Final Fantasy 14 myself, the rewards for both returning players and the friends that invite them are really great, and now I just wish I’d started playing earlier so I could redeem some of them.

Unlike most MMORPGs, Square Enix’s FFXIV actually rewards you for taking time away and coming back, with this new Callback Campaign another way for active and non-active players to get rewards. The campaign is running from Wednesday, November 8, 2023, to Thursday, December 14, 2023, so you’ve got over a month to get in on it.

Players you invite need to have purchased and registered Final Fantasy 14, with their account inactive for at least 90 days – or about three months. You can also only do five different player invites every 30 days, but the rewards you can end up getting are still pretty great.

FFXIV Callback Campaign rewards

If you invite someone within these parameters and they purchase a subscription, the Moogle delivery service will give you five Gold Chocobo feathers within 90 days, letting you purchase the below items from a Calamity Salvager NPC.

FFXIV players that send invites

  • Twintania Neurolink Jey – 15 feathers
  • Amber Draught Chocobo Whistle – 8 feathers
  • Managarm Horn – 8 feathers
  • Rare Dye x5 – 1 feather
  • Aetheryte Ticket x10 – 1 feather

Okay, that adorable red chocobo is instantly on my radar and something I desperately want. Sadly I’ve only been playing for a few weeks and have just one friend in the game, so there’s not really a way for me to get it yet. The rest of you can do it for me – just email me some pics.

FFXIV callback campaign: three pictures of people riding fantasy mounts

FFXIV players that get an invite

If you get invited back to Eorzea and log in thanks to the email you receive, you’ll also get some free rewards. You’ll be given 14 days of free game time, 99 Aetheryte Tickets, and ten Silver Chocobo feathers. Here’s what the feathers can net you.

  • Weapons for level 20 characters (Item Level 22) – 1 feather
  • Equipment for level 50 characters (Item Level 130) – 5 feathers
  • Equipment for level 60 characters (Item Level 270) – 5 feathers
  • Equipment for level 70 characters (Item Level 400) – 5 feathers
  • Equipment for level 80 characters (Item Level 530) – 5 feathers

You’ll want to check out all the details to make sure you maximize your potential rewards here, but this is a great temporary event to get you and your mates back into FFXIV and all be rewarded for it. Again, I’m just a little devastated I’m new and have so few friends in the game, because otherwise I’d be on this.

Free rewards are also available in the FFXIV Fall Guys event right now, which might have an egregious issue with latency, but it’s still loads of fun. If you’re jumping back in after Endwalker and before Dawntrail thanks to these rewards, you’ll want to know what FFXIV side quests Yoshi-P thinks you need to do to catch up, with 6.1-6.5 among them.

Looking for more ways to stay busy until Dawntrail drops? You can head over to an FFXIV Island Sanctuary in the meantime. If you’re an even newer player than me though, you can take a look at our FFXIV classes breakdown and try one that works for you.

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