You can now one-shot FFXIV’s oldest, scariest raid boss

If you, like me, wiped to FFXIV's Bahamut raid one to many times back in the day then you're in luck - turns out you can one-shot the final boss.

You can now one-shot FFXIV's oldest, scariest raid boss: A man in a blue masquerade mask wearing a blue Steampunk style jacket and a pirate-style hat stands in a cobblestoned, candlelit room

Do you remember the good ol’ days of Final Fantasy XIV when Bahamut was the overarching evil and taking him down felt like you had single-handedly saved Eorzea? Well, turns out the age-old FFXIV boss can now be one-shot in the MMORPG, but you’ll have to get lucky to manage it.

Oh how the mighty have indeed fallen. I remember quivering in my little Monk boots gearing up and getting ready to take on Coils of Bahamut back in the day. It was touted as FFXIV’s hardest raid before it was eclipsed by the likes of Alexander and, in Endwalker, Pandæmonium.

The raid is now a Level 50, meaning that a lot of longtime players can now take it on with relative ease – but I never imagined that you’d be able to casually one-shot the elder Primal himself. Looks like I was very, very wrong.

Posting to the game’s official subreddit, u/ah0xg0 has managed to smite the creature down on their Blue Mage – using one of the job’s base abilities, no less. Hitting Bahamut with Final Sting, the spell goes critical and deals a whopping 1,432,960 damage, defeating the boss outright. Sure, they don’t live to see their triumph, but it’s right there in the screenshots, and it’s pretty impressive.

An image showing an FFXIV chatlog where one player uses an ability called 'Final Sting' and kills 'Bahamut Prime'

With FFXIV patch 6.45 increasing the level cap for Blue Mage to 80, as well as adding a slew of new quests and new weapons, it’s a pretty good time to be one of these mysterious spellcasters. Sure, you might not be able to participate in all of the game’s content, but you can, in fact, one-shot Bahamut. I personally think that’s a worthwhile trade-off.

I’ve always fancied trying out Blue Mage, but prefer bouncing around as my Ninja at the moment. Maybe I’ll take them for a spin ahead of FFXIV Dawntrail, the newly announced expansion that’s set for summer 2024. Until then, though, I’ll live vicariously through u/ah0xg0.

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