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FF14 prices are about to go up right before Dawntrail

Final Fantasy 14 payments are about to get more expensive in some North American states, while paying itself is broken for many players.

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Game subscriptions and cosmetics are about to get more expensive for some Final Fantasy 14 players, but many are still calling on Square Enix to actually let them pay in the first place. Ahead of Dawntrail, sales taxes are going to be introduced to the MMORPG in specific states in North America, but the ongoing payment processing issue means that many aren’t even concerned about paying more in the game just yet, because FF14 itself can’t process any transactions from them to begin with.

First up, I should make it clear that the digital sales taxes and payment processing problems are both North America-specific in Final Fantasy 14 right now. Other countries and regions, like the EU, already have these taxes built into the cost of things like monthly subs and cosmetics you can buy in the MMORPG. With the FF14 Dawntrail release date creeping ever closer, the combination of increased prices and being unable to even pay them is something I’d assume Square Enix is looking to sort out.

According to Square Enix, payments for game subscriptions, the Mog Station, and the FF14 Online Store in North America will be subject to state or local sales taxes as of Tuesday June 25 2024. As of this point, any items impacted by sales taxes for different states will change, with recurring subscription payments also impacted.

Each state in the US handles digital sales tax differently, so it’s hard to tell which players will be impacted and by how much once the change rolls around – you should check your own state’s stance on digital sales taxes either way. Square Enix adds at the end of the update that “additional details regarding these updates will be provided in future notices,” so keep an eye out for more info.

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Everywhere I’ve looked at this news, from YouTube to the official forum and Reddit, the comments are all a variation on the same theme: the price increase is annoying, but not as annoying as still being unable to pay for the game. Players have been reporting payment processing issues for ages, with Square Enix confirming earlier in May that some Visa Debit card payments in North America aren’t being processed. We’re yet to get an update on the issue, or when it might be fixed.

With FF14 houses demolished if you don’t enter them for some time, and a sub being required to access them, the payment processing issue means some are at risk of losing the virtual plots of land they worked hard for.

Here’s hoping that the NA payment processing issue is fixed as soon as possible and that the digital taxes don’t impact too many of us by too high a cost, especially with Dawntrail on the way.

At the very least, a new Final Fantasy 14 free login campaign will give you four days of game time if your subscription has lapsed already.

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