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Final Fantasy XV multiplayer will fill in the missing pieces of the story

ff15 pc multiplayer expansion comrades

I still can’t believe they’re putting multiplayer in Final Fantasy XV. It’s not as if playing online is entirely foreign for the series, since there are multiple MMOs in the lineage, but it’s certainly weird to see it in what’s otherwise an entirely single-player game.

Here’s everything we know about FF15 PC.

It turns out that the multiplayer expansion for FF15, titled Comrades, is actually another piece of the story, letting you know what happens during the time gap as part of the game’s final act. You’ll take on the role of a Kingsglaive survivor in search of the truth about what happened to Noctis after the events of Chapter 13. It’s all custom characters to start, but eventually Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto will join the playable roster. While the whole addition is obviously multiplayer focused, there will be single-player content available for you to enhance your character.

The trailer for the expansion features a lovely new Nobuo Uematsu composition, along with some very silly looking characters dancing on the back of a truck.

Console players will have to shell out for the season pass or buy Comrades separately, but the PC version is scheduled to include both it and all other bits of DLC for the game. With that, improved performance, and better resolutions it should be the definitive version. Just, uh, keep the nude mods on the downlow.

I liked FF15 a bunch when I played it on console, but maybe this need to play a 30 hour game, watch an anime and a movie, play a handful of additional expansions and a full multiplayer campaign to get the whole story is all a bit much.