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Final Fantasy XV's PC edition "has advanced a generation" over console versions

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The PC version of Final Fantasy XV is a generation ahead of the console version. In a video posted earlier today, game director Hajime Tabata suggested the PC port would be a significant improvement on the original 2016 release.

Here's everything we know about Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition.

In the video, which you can watch above, Tabata says the reason the PC version will be so much more advanced is because it’s not just a simple port, but that the team “developed this edition from the ground up just for you PC gamers.” Because of that (and a 16 month gap between the console and PC releases) “Final Fantasy XV Windows editions has advanced a generation” over its predecessor, a claim which may or may not relate to the fears Square Enix has over nude modding.

Tabata asks Steam users for their continued patience, saying that he and his team “are squeezing out every available second,” to ensure the game is ready for release on March 6. While he doesn’t confirm the exact time of release, he does say that the game will unlock simultaneously worldwide. Ahead of the release date, Tabata says that Square Enix have started taking pre-orders, and says that if you order on Steam, you’ll get a set of cosmetics for Noctis. There’s also an early purchase bonus, but Tabata says he can’t talk about that in any more detail just yet.

He also mentions the Final Fantasy XV benchmark tool, which should give you an idea of how well your PC will be able to run the game. That tool, however, can be broken, allowing you to move around the map, albeit pretty slowly, and get a better look at the beautiful open world.

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QDP2 Avatar
3 Months ago

Talk about a long time in waiting, gonna look forward to playing through this definitive edition! I just hope they've kept their mindset on improvements rather than cool features to add. Cool features are great and all, but if the content changes/balances just lead to more bloating of the story, it'll only obstruct the enjoyment. It is looking gorgeous though :D

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