Flexispot’s adjustable desks are currently 30% cheaper ahead of Amazon Prime Day

Get a standing desk or adjustable converter cheaper ahead of Amazon's Prime Day

Flexispot's desks are reduced in price in the run up to Amazon Prime Day

Desks are the foundation of your entire setup, supporting multiple monitors, peripherals, and sometimes the best gaming PC itself. Since they're not easy to get rid of, it's important to get your hands on the right one, making it a big commitment. Fortunately, Flexispot has slashed up to 32% off three of its most popular desks ahead of Amazon Prime Day – not including last week's 23% off the EC1, which is still active.

If you're happy with your current desk but are sick of sitting down all the time, Flexispot even has a couple of converters that are currently a third off and can help elevate the best gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse so you can stand without sacrificing ergonomics.

Since Flexispot has 13 warehouses across the United States, you can get your new desk delivered within 48 hours, or maybe even on the same day – and shipping doesn't cost you a penny. Better be quick, though, as these deals are available for one day only and while stocks last.

Here are the best gaming desk deals:

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Flexispot EF1B

30% off, with a new price of $289.99 down from $415.

You’ve heard of adjustable desks that let you choose between sitting and standing, but the Flexispot EF1B also includes an adjustable shelf to raise the best gaming monitors so you don’t have to crane your neck all the time. It has four programmable height settings and has plenty of room for multi-monitor setups at 55 inches wide.

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Flexispot EN1

30% off, with a new price of $244.99 down from $350.

If you’re pining for something simpler that still lets you control height, the EN1 moves from anywhere between 28 inches to 47.6 inches. Its LED panel displays the current height to the decimal, and you can even set a timed reminder to switch from sitting to standing, keeping your posture in check. There is a 48 inch wide model that has 18% off at $246 if you’re stuck for space, but it’s actually cheaper to grab the 55 inch version if you can fit it in – both only available in white.

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Flexispot EC9

32% off, with a new price of $203.99 down from $300.

To reach its slimmer MSRP, the EC9 ditches the LED display and presets for two simplified buttons: up and down. It’s just as smooth as its premium counterparts as it climbs from 28.7 inches to 48.4 inches, and fits in most rooms at 48 inches wide. Better yet, it has the biggest savings on this list.

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Flexispot M7MB

30% off, with a new price of $118.99 down from $170.

You don’t need to get a standing desk to receive all the health perks it brings, as Flexispot’s M7MB rests on top of your current table and converts it into one. It rises as high as 19.7in and although it keeps a slim profile, you’ll fit two 24 inch monitors or a single large one. There are two versions discounted by 30% during this sale, including 35 inch and 42 inch models.

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Flexispot EM7MB

30% off, with a new price of $159.99 down from $230.

Much like the M7MB, the EM7MB is a way to convert your standard desk space into a standing desk, but this one’s motorised. Its U-shaped work surface means you can slot a laptop on the lower tray without blocking the screens on the upper surface. In fact, you can even clamp your monitors to an arm if you choose, as the upper tray can hold up to 44lbs. There is currently a 36 inch and a 40 inch model on sale, both sporting 30% off.