Football Manager 2021 mods add new tactics, leagues, skins, and much more

FMScout is a great resource for tweaking your copy of Football Manager 21 to your precise requirements

There’s so much to do in each year’s edition of Football Manager 2021 that we’ve never really found ourselves looking for ways to expand on it – but that’s clearly not the case for some players, because they’ve been busy making and sharing plenty of Football Manager mods. FMScout is a terrific resource for Football Manager mods, skins, tactics, or even challenging custom scenarios in case you’re itching for a bigger challenge than this season has offered so far.

Head to the FM 2021 Download Area on FMScout and you’ll find around 380 entries. These cover carefully crafted skins for your client, realism updates for the game data, and even custom views that organise information on ultra widescreen monitors so you don’t have to scroll anymore.

There are some incredibly helpful tools available too, such as a shirt designer for creating your own kits and a minimum price tool that will let you know the lowest offer a team will accept for a player when you’re looking to start transfer negotiations.

There are whole new databases of players and leagues, too. The Austria Level 10 database adds “the deepest depths of the Austrian lower leagues,” and there’s even a full mod that unlocks the club overview screen for Japanese clubs.

Modders tend to be pretty good about including installation instructions with their uploads, but check the comments if you run into trouble – odds are good someone’s already worked out how to solve it. You’ll also want to check out our list of the best football games you can play on PC while you’re at it – Football Manager 2021 is just one among many.