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Another Fortnite Shotgun is here, and also ice cream

Fortnite Shotguns seem to be the preferred new addition this season based on how many we've had and this new one comes alongside some other fun items

A Fortnite image with the new Prime Shotgun in each corner

Shotguns have been a big part of Fortnite this season. We get it, they make for some incredibly fun weapons, but it’s still odd to see this singular focus. Only last week, we saw the much beleaguered Two-Shot Shotgun buffed, and now it looks like we’ve got a new Shotgun to try out.

The news came initially via the one and only HypeX, who tweeted out that we’ll be getting some new items, including the Prime Shotgun. Despite sounding a lot like something you’d find in Warframe, this new weapon is a semi-automatic shotgun that actually deals more damage when it’s fully loaded. That’ll be good news for habitual reloaders, but also makes it a powerful way to open any combat encounter.

That’s not the only new thing we’re getting though, oh no. Perhaps because it’s a little hot outside right now, Epic has deigned to add in some ice creams. Each of these does something a little different, though. The standard ice cream cone gives some health, the spicy ice cream grants a little bit of health and speed, and the frozen ice cream cone gives some health and “makes everything slippery.”

There’s even a legendary ice cream called Lil’Whip’s Special Serve, that’ll restore both your health and your shield. This will probably be one of the go-to items for clutch healing in a firefight, so keep an eye out for special ice creams. Or you can stick to fishing; it’s up to you, really.

In other Fortnite news, there are some amazing musical-themed maps to explore at the moment thanks to a creator callout, and it looks like Transformers, the robots in disguise, could be coming to the battle royale game too.