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Fortnite secret door location and puzzle in Shuffled Shrines

You can now get the Indiana Jones skin via challenges, one of them has you open a Fortnite secret door to enter the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines

Fortnite secret door puzzle and location

Looking for the secret door location in Fortnite? To complete the quest ‘Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines’ and get your hands on the Indy Dustoff emote, you first need to complete a small puzzle to unlock the door found in Shuffled Shrines.

As for what’s behind the Fortnite secret door, when you successfully complete the puzzle, the door opens and you need to avoid a tunnel of poison dart traps to get to the middle. You’re rewarded with the Holy Grail, which is actually 250 gold, as well as a couple of mythic chests behind walls you can break. Here’s how to complete the secret door puzzle in Fortnite.

Fortnite secret door location

The secret door can be found in the middle of Shuffled Shrines, beneath the ruins with four runes in front of a temple door.

Fortnite secret door puzzle solution

The puzzle itself requires some work, as you need to locate the four stone slabs found around Shuffled Shrines that correlate to each rune in front of the temple. Once you find a stone slab, it will be one of three symbols, you need to match these to the runes in front of the temple.

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The symbols change every game, so there isn’t just one solution to this puzzle. Check out the video below for the exact location of each stone slab and how to complete this puzzle.

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s how to unlock the secret door in Fortnite. When you enter, carefully navigate the corridor and avoid stepping on the pressure pads. Once inside the main chamber, you can complete the final challenge of Week 5’s Vibin’ quests to place the relic pieces inside the section on the left. Alternatively, you can smash the wall on the right and head through to find the secret room with plenty of loot. However, if you take the Tomato relic in the centre of the room, run out of the chamber quickly as a giant boulder will try to roll over you.

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