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Billie Eilish parachutes into Fortnite Festival season 3

Fortnite Festival's next featured artist has just been unveiled with Billie Eilish hitting the rhythm game spinoff on the main stage.

Billie Eilish parachutes into Fortnite Festival season 3: A Fortnite version of Billie Eilish is surrounded by green as she leaps into the air, microphone in hand.

It feels like one day everything and everyone will be contained within Fortnite. It’s already doing a great job of bringing most of popular culture under its wing, with outfits ranging from Family Guy’s Peter Griffin to Robocop already making appearances. Now, Billie Eilish is dropping, as the star herself has confirmed that she’ll be the new headline act for Fortnite Festival’s third season.

A rhythm Rock-Band-a-like might not seem a logical direction for a battle royale game at first glance but over the years Fortnite has made a name for itself with expansive concerts held in its virtual space. These Live Events have included artists like Marshmello and Travis Scott, ensuring that Fortnite and music have become known for going together. Launched in late 2023, spinoff Fortnite Festival has meant there’s been a continual drip-feed of musical acts appearing both in it and the main game, and now it’s Billie Eilish’s turn.

Recent teasers have hinted at a green theme for season three with many rumors swirling that this would finally see Billie Eilish entering the game. Today, the artist posted on X (formerly Twitter), that she would be joining the Fortnite Festival main stage this week. Included alongside the announcement is a reveal of Billie Eilish’s Fortnite skin which players will presumably be able to earn via the festival pass system.

A screencap of Billie Eilish's tweet confirming that she'll be coming to Fortnite Festival on April 23.

This follows on from Lady Gaga’s appearance in season two and the inaugural season which brought The Weeknd to the festival. At the time of writing, Publisher Epic Games and developer Harmonix has yet to confirm which Billie Eilish songs players will be able to jam along to in the main stage mode, however, a recent teaser from the official Fortnite Festival X account has teased an inclusion of some older Billie Eilish songs, with the first album name being mentioned. That said, with only a day to go until she joins the game, fans won’t have to wait long to find out.

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Billie Eilish will join Fortnite Festival season three on Tuesday, April 23. If you’d like to play your battle royales in style, check out our guide to the best Fortnite skins out there in 2024. Should you rather find your heart beating for a little more music, our guide to the best rhythm games you can play on PC will get your toes tapping in no time.

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