Fortnite The Block voting system has a fatal flaw

Fortnite The Block voting system has a big flaw, adding a surprising look at democracy for a game about anime characters dancing and shooting each other to BTS

Fortnite The Block voting system is flawed: Fortnite map with Uncle Sam pointing at you

Fortnite The Block, which asks players to vote for their favourite fan-made buildings, has a severe and surprising flaw, making the battle royale, which recently added John Cena, Wolverine, and new Fall Guys content, a sideways look at democracy.

In the current round of voting, the third Block option is winning by a significant margin. While this isn’t innately a sign of foul play, it’s been observed that the the interface and options presented to players when they access The Block might be leading them to always vote a particular way. See, if you go to the voting board over at Tilted Towers, you’ll notice that it always opens with you hovering over option three. We played around with this for a bit, including a few different matches and attempted mouse positions, even with tabbing out, and this was always the case.

What this means is that players who are going there to tick off their challenges, and not because they really mind what happens in the vote, are just automatically voting for option three because it’s the most time-efficient way of doing things. You can’t fault the players here, because ultimately the way the map looks isn’t all that important to everyone; it’s just about advancing through the battle pass and having fun shooting things. The responsibility lies with Epic, which needs to address this for future votes to make sure they’re not essentially rigged.

The issue has been noticed by the wider Fortnite community, with stalwart leaker and insider HypeX sharing the problem via Twitter. “I’m not saying options number three shouldn’t win,” Hypex writes. “I’m saying the margin they have is insane. “It’s Epic’s fault, not the creators'”. It’s a sour look at democracy — even in the vibrant, frenetic, and fun world of Fortnite, maybe the system still always win.

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