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Tfue’s Fortnite partner Cloak is trying to leave Faze Clan

It looks like Dennis “Cloak” Lepore is the next name to move on from the esports team


It looks like another Faze Clan member is looking to leave the esports organisation. Following Turner “Tfue” Tenney’s recent decision to depart from Faze Clan, and lawsuit relating to his contract, another Fortnite player is moving on – Dennis “Cloak” Lepore.

As reported by DotEsports Faze Clan has granted Cloak a “restricted free agency” status. This likely means that he can approach other esports organisations to talk about setting up a new signing, but Faze Clan ultimately still has rights over him – if another organisation does decide to sign him it will have to negotiate with Faze Clan first. Faze Clan will then be able to match the offer, approve it – or even reject it.

The organisation has tweeted to confirm its intention to give Cloak Free Restricted Agency, saying “Faze will not pursue a transfer on our own, and allow Cloak to represent himself moving forward. We will retain his player rights should he wish to be moved elsewhere at a later date.”

This move might not be a complete surprise to some – according to Dexerto, Cloak has been trying to leave the Clan for six months. This development also follows a flurry of activity around the Fortnite player’s departure in the last week.

This weekend Faze Clan tweeted that it was “in agreement to work towards [Cloak’s] future departure from our team”, adding that “we will be open to transfer proposals from other organizations as we explore our options moving forward.” However, Cloak has instead said that he’s not looking to join another team – he just wants to focus on himself.

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Cloak’s announcement follows his failure to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in the week 10 open qualifiers. What the future holds for Cloak going forward, we’ll just have to wait and see.