This Fortnite map has its own take on Overwatch 2

Fortnite Creative's Overwatch 2 map has arrived thanks to an incredible customization featuring five-on-five battles and even some ultimate abilities

A Fortnite Creative Overwatch 2 image with Tracer's head on top of a Fortnite loading screen

Fortnite and Overwatch 2 aren’t necessarily games you’d put together, but that’s not going to stop the creative community from making a Fortnite map that puts Activision Blizzard’s new hero shooter into Epic’s battle royale. This new creative map has players fighting off against each other in teams of five, and aside from looking incredibly pretty, it also looks like a blast to play and comes from someone who’s got a fair bit of experience creating fun maps.

Redditor Augusto-Afiune has been making these kinds of maps for a while, with the last one being a 6v6 iteration that has players escorting the battle bus through some decidedly Fortnite-looking buildings. This new map is different, though, and takes place in a small village with Japanese-inspired architecture. Trees line the streets, an abundance of rooftops just begs you to parkour around, and, of course, there’s plenty of lines to attack from.

You even get to choose from one of five different classes: duelist, witch, tank, initiator, and support. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, and there are unique ultimate abilities to use as well. It’s an excellent idea and, if you’ve got a big enough playgroup, a great way to mess around with Overwatch 2 without actually having access to the beta.

Fortnite creative has seen a few boosts recently, largely thanks to some important updates including the new item placer device. The mode has been a real selling point of the game for a long time, but the more tools get added the more we get to mess around with Spider-Man swinging maps and the like. It’d just be nice if more people were able to produce map codes for their creations.

In other Fortnite news, the Overshield could well be getting a buff that might just change how the game plays completely and leave us all in a much more aggressive game.