Fortnite should immortalize Destiny 2’s Cayde-6 with a skin

Fortnite Destiny 2 skins are here for players to enjoy, but the battle royale game should bring a Cayde-6 skin in to memorialize the classic character

Fortnite Destiny 2 skins are here but there's no Cayde-6. This image shows Cayde-6 in front of the Fortnite Destiny 2 skins.

The Fortnite Destiny 2 skins have arrived and you’ll likely see Zavala doing the fusion dance with Goku from the Dragon Ball event soon. While it’s nice to have some Destiny 2 representation in the ultimate battle royale game, it’s also very odd not to see Cayde-6, the smartest talking Exo around.

Cayde-6 was an integral part of Destiny throughout the first game and a chunk of the second. He’s an Exo, which is a robot with a soul essentially, and he’s a key part of Earth’s defence against the darkness; and spoilers for fairly early in Destiny 2, his death helps spark a lot of key moments in the story, along with giving your player character a more immediate reason to fight.

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His presence is still felt throughout the game, with many characters referencing him and a few memorials dotted around, and he’s undoubtedly one of Destiny 2’s best-known characters. So, while it’s cool to see Zavala and Ikora, the fact that the Exo Stranger is one of the three skins in place of Cayde-6 feels like an incredibly strange choice.

Don’t get us wrong, the Exo Stranger is a great character, but Cayde-6 always rounded out the three previously tower-bound leaders, and his lack of inclusion in the Fortnite Destiny 2 skin pack feels like a rare missed opportunity in Fortnite skins. Of course, it could well be that Epic is fully aware of this and will address this in a later skin pack, or possibly a full crossover. After all, anything’s possible in Fortnite.

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