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Fortnite Dragon Ball Z update might go Super Saiyan soon

A new Fortnite Dragon Ball Z collaboration might be on the way soon after a logo from popular shounen anime DBZ appears in the battle royale game's files

Fortnite Dragon Ball Z collaboration in the works - Goku

Fortnite fans might finally be able to put the battle royale game‘s characters to the ultimate test soon, as it looks like a Fortnite Dragon Ball Z collaboration could be in the works. Files recently added to Epic’s open-world game closely resemble a notable logo from the popular shounen anime, ramping up speculation that a crossover might be happening soon.

As noted by regular Fortnite leaker Shiina, there was previously talk of a DBZ collaboration coming to Fortnite in 2021. However, things have been fairly quiet on that front – until now. A new item added to the game’s files features a logo closely resembling that of the Capsule Corporation logo from Dragon Ball Z.

For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Capsule Corp is one of the most prominent companies featured in Dragon Ball Z, and is run by the father of series mainstay Bulma, Dr Brief. The company creates a lot of the technology used in the anime show, from computers to spaceships and everything in between.

Another Fortnite leaker, HypeX, suggests that the collaboration might be due to release in early August alongside the launch of new movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which is scheduled for an August 19 release in the US and Canada.

It’s unclear exactly what would feature in the update – but Fortnite fans will surely be clamouring to find out how the franchise’s iconic lead Goku stacks up against the multitude of other big names that have already made their way to Epic’s multiplayer game.

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